Variations on a theme of pasta: asian style

One of my favourite pasta dishes is a Thai flavoured version of spaghetti marinara.  I  have a fabulous fishmonger who always has beautiful fresh seafood in his marina mix – o extenders, just really good fresh produce, a mixture of scallops, prawns, octopus, calamari, salmon and white fish.  Its always so fresh you could eat it raw (but dressed).

I finely chop lemongrass, ginger, garlic and chili and saute in a pan.  Once its fragrant I add some passata and fish sauce, a touch of sugar and lime juice.  Then I throw in the seafood and cook for about 5 mins.  Then finish it off with finely chopped lime leaves and serve with chopped coriander and an extra dash of fish sauce and lime juice.

I cook the pasta at the same time as the marinara sauce so that they’re ready within minutes of each other. Cooking time (all up)? 15 minutes. Jamie Oliver’s not the only one able to make great meals in less than half an hour.
This is a truly delicious fragrant and light way to have a marinara.  An asian twist on an old time favourite, but please, can we not call it fusion?

Bon apetite.


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My life revolves around food and wine - what else is there? I think about food all the time, mainly what I would like to eat/cook at the end of the day. My greatest joy is coming home at the end of the day, pouring a glass of wine and starting to cook. When I go away on holidays and have to eat out 3 times a day, I get a bit stir crazy. Thinking about food, shopping for food and preparing food is as important as eating food. And without the former, life is just not the same. Oh, I also love talking about food. View all posts by taniajl

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