Champagne tastes

A friend emailed me to say that she was going away for a girls’ weekend and bringing a box of champagne.  Nice.  Very generous contribution.  Whilst awake in the small hours I found myself thinking about this.  Would she bring a case of the one champagne or a mix?

So I wondered what champagne would it be?  What was her favourite?  Everyone has their favourites.  My husband’s preference is for Mumm – lovely fine bead and yeasty flavours.  I prefer a more toasty champagne such as Roederer  or  Lanson. Though for those everyday occaisions (where $$ are a consideration) Piper Heidseick is nice.

I pondered this: would you just bring your favourite or take the opportunity to do some tastings – try a range of champagnes and compare?

5-6 women.  That means that at any given time you would need to open at least 2 bottles.  I reckon to be on the safe side you’d want to have 3. I tend to drink my first glass very quickly.  Hell, I drink the next glasses quickly too. There’s something about those bubbles that makes you just want more. Easy drinking I call it.

Whatever they do, I’m sure those women will have a hoot of a time.  I can just imagine them lounging on sofas, sipping champagne and giggling away – until they start to laugh uproariously as only a group of women can.



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My life revolves around food and wine - what else is there? I think about food all the time, mainly what I would like to eat/cook at the end of the day. My greatest joy is coming home at the end of the day, pouring a glass of wine and starting to cook. When I go away on holidays and have to eat out 3 times a day, I get a bit stir crazy. Thinking about food, shopping for food and preparing food is as important as eating food. And without the former, life is just not the same. Oh, I also love talking about food. View all posts by taniajl

One response to “Champagne tastes

  • traveldogue

    You are spot on – we have planned on 3 per session. We have one bottle of fabulous French champagne to begin each session and then some ‘runner up’ champagne when the food and the chat really wash over whatever the hell it is we are drinking, as long as it has bubbles!

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