Breakfast – again

Its Tuesday – my work from home day.  I’ve been up and at the computer since 7.30am.  I’ve had breakfast (sliced tomato on sourdough toast), showered and have been busy attending to all manner of things (remotely).

And now I’m hungry.  There’s leftover chicken curry in the fridge.  And a pot of freshly cooked rice on the stove.  Perfect.  But is it too early to eat curry at 9.30am?  In India we started the day with idlis or dosas served with fresh chutneys and rassams or sambars – a great way to get you fired up and ready to face the heat outdoors. In southeast Asia we always have the local breakfast: a bowl of pho, nasi lemak, roti, congee – all hot, savoury and perfect starters.

I don’t really have a sweet tooth so biscuits don’t do it for me.  Don’t want more toast.  Fruit?  Nah, too cold.  Why not eat curry?  I could call it a late breakfast Indian style. Besides, its calling out to be eaten.  So curry, it is! The joys of working from home.


About taniajl

My life revolves around food and wine - what else is there? I think about food all the time, mainly what I would like to eat/cook at the end of the day. My greatest joy is coming home at the end of the day, pouring a glass of wine and starting to cook. When I go away on holidays and have to eat out 3 times a day, I get a bit stir crazy. Thinking about food, shopping for food and preparing food is as important as eating food. And without the former, life is just not the same. Oh, I also love talking about food. View all posts by taniajl

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