Essential ingredients

My yoga studio is just a few doors from The Essential Ingredient. This is good and bad. I used to only go to the Essential Ingredient when I needed a special ingredient I couldn’t find anywhere else. I’d roam the store admiring the products but generally only purchase what I really needed. Now however, after a rigorous yoga class, I pop into the store and browse, never failing to find something that catches my eye – new tumblers that are just right for a late night whisky; lovely glazed terracotta dishes perfect for small tapas; a must-have vegetable slicer (and probably my best ever purchase); white dinner wear in assorted shapes and sizes; round terracotta baking dishes that would be just right for a slow-cooked shoulder of lamb to serve at the table …… always there is something.

Then there are those other not so necessary things I can’t resist like beautiful wooden disposable knives and forks as well as the little boat shaped dishes made out of what looks like wood shavings which were just the thing for serving bite-sized bbq’d food. And the noodle boxes. All perfect for my daughter’s 18th birthday party. Oh, and then there were the tiny little 2″ waffle ice cream cones. So sweet, but sadly I couldn’t figure out a way to maintain the production of putting tiny little scoops of gelato into the cones and passing them around before they melted. But I did seriously consider them despite their outrageous price. Sometimes its just a matter of style – and fun. The not-so-essential ingredient.


About taniajl

My life revolves around food and wine - what else is there? I think about food all the time, mainly what I would like to eat/cook at the end of the day. My greatest joy is coming home at the end of the day, pouring a glass of wine and starting to cook. When I go away on holidays and have to eat out 3 times a day, I get a bit stir crazy. Thinking about food, shopping for food and preparing food is as important as eating food. And without the former, life is just not the same. Oh, I also love talking about food. View all posts by taniajl

2 responses to “Essential ingredients

  • traveldogue

    Now that you have confessed to having the lovely plates to go with the lovely dishes that you cook have you considered photos on your blog, so I can indulge in your dishes even more vicariously?

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